Shop-Refer-Earn Program

Each user earns 150 points upon signup on the Look At Me app. Also when a user refers their friend, the user and the referred friend earn 200 points upon successful signup of the friend using the user’s referral code.

Users can accumulate points and apply for redemption accordingly. For every 500 points earned, one lucky LAM ticket can be earned. Users can redeem their points any number of times in a given day or time for purchasing any number of LAM Tickets. All LAM tickets would be used in the next business day lucky draw only and cannot be carried forward. More the lucky tickets you redeem, higher are your chances of claiming the reward.

Every day, 10 lucky users would earn Rs100 in Paytm cash through the lucky draw. Points once redeemed for Lucky Tickets are spent and cannot be recredited at any cost. In addition to refer and earn, users also earn points by shopping for products through Look At Me(currently only Flipkart products are supported), for every purchase made, users are awarded 1000 points, i.e. one purchase is equivalent to two Lucky tickets in the next draw. These points would be in pending status till the time the purchase is completed, approximately 2 weeks after the purchase is made. Reward points would be awarded only if the user purchases a product through Look At Me and submits a claim form with the screenshot of the purchase and also ensure that the Flipkart account used for purchase and the Look At Me account contains the same email id.

Look At me team would credit the reward points to the user in the pending state and Pending points are moved to Verified after 2 weeks of the purchase.

Steps to Redemption:

Step 1: Sign up and Shop / Refer and Earn

a) Sign up/Login to our mobile app, Look At Me. Search for any product you wish to buy, look behind product categories or simply choose a one from our curated list. Click on the product that you like and go to the merchant’s website e.g. Myntra. (Please note that currently, only Flipkart is supported for awarding points, you can still shop for other products but you would not be allocated any points for the same)


b) Go to your profile screen and share your referral code with your friends. Once your friend signs up to Look At Me using the link, both of you earn points.

Step 2: Points gets added

a) After you have completed shopping and submitted claim form, your pending points are updated with the rewards. This remains in 'Pending' status till the merchant acknowledges the transaction and it typically takes 2 weeks to be added to Active points for redemption


b) As soon as your referred friend joins Look At Me, both of you will be credited with 200 points and it will reflect in your accounts.

Step 3: Points gets Confirmed

As soon as we get the confirmation from merchants we change the status of your points to 'Confirmed'. This usually takes 2 weeks

Step 4: Redeem shop points for rewards

When you have 500 or more as 'Confirmed' points , you can redeem it for Lucky Tickets and earn yourself a shot at winning Paytm cash. Redemption can be done by going to your profile section.


How do I earn points?

Signup on the Look At Me App and earn 150 points. On every purchase on Flipkart through the Look At Me App you can earn 1000 points. Also you can earn 200 points on every successful signup of your referred friend

What can I do with the points?

You can redeem every 500 points earned for One Lucky Ticket that has a one time use in the daily lucky draw on the app where 10 lucky users earn Rs 100 in paytm cash.

Can I use more than one lucky tickets in a single draw?

You can redeem your points for lucky LAM tickets multiple times in a day and also put in multiple lucky LAM tickets in a single draw. More the tickets, higher the chances of winning paytm cash.

When will I get the points in my account?

First time sign up reward will be immediately credited to your account. Referral rewards will be credited on account of a successful sign up by your referred friend. Purchase rewards are credited as pending points immediately upon submission of claim. Only purchase on Flipkart through the Look At Me App are currently supported with submission of relevant proof. Pending points are confirmed after confirmation from the seller which may take upto 2 weeks.

What can the points be redeemed for?

The points can be redeemed for LAM tickets which earns you a shot at winning Rs. 100 Paytm cash at the daily lucky draw

Will I earn points for every refer?

For every successful invite a credit of 200 reward points will be done.

Where can I find my reward points?

The reward points can be found in your profile section account which can be checked by tapping on the user icon on the tab bar. These points are clubbed as Active and Pending separately

Does purchasing multiple LAM tickets make me eligible for winning multiple awards?

Purchasing multiple LAM tickets only increases your chances of claiming victory in the draw on the next day but winners would still be unique. i.e. 10 different winners everyday irrespective of the number of claims submitted by the user.

When would the winners be announced?

For each day, a lucky draw would be held and winners of paytm cash would be announced on our social media pages within 7 business days. The winners would receive Paytm cash within 7 business days of the results being announced.

Can I win more than once a week?

Yes, you can win more than once depending on the number of draws matching your tickets.

Form where do I submit claim of shopping points?

You can submit claim for purchase points of products bought through Look At Me through the mobile app from the profile section. Currently, only Flipkart products are supported. POints are generally credited to Pending section as soon as the claim is submitted but if claims are submitted for any other website products, points would be subtracted later upon verification.

Terms and Conditions

  1. This program is called Look At Me: Shop-Refer-Earn Program
  2. This program is valid only on refers and orders placed by signed in users on the Look At Me android mobile application
  3. The users need to sign up on the app to become eligible members of this program.
  4. Members of this program can earn points for the orders placed through Look At Me App within the Terms of Use and as per the Terms & Conditions of this program.
  5. Purchase reward points for one transaction through the app is fixed at 1000 reward points, subject to changes. This program is only valid on Flipkart purchases through the app or website.
  6. Purchase rewards are credited as pending points within 7 days from claim submission of the purchase on Flipkart through the Look At Me App. They remain in pending status and after confirmation from the seller(Within 2 weeks). Please note that only verified reward points can be redeemed.
  7. Points once redeemed are non-negotiable, non-returnable and non-exchangeable.
  8. A fixed bonus points of 200 is credited for every successful sign up through the referral code. Reward points credited for your successful sign ups through the referral program will be added to your account.
  9. Points verified, confirmed and redeemable can be used to purchase LAM lucky tickets costing 500 points to be used in the lucky draw by Look At Me.
  10. Winning tickets are selected on a random basis by Look At Me during every draw. For every win the user will get Rs 100 in Paytm cash.
  11. The users holding a winning ticket will be notified within 7 business days of the draw. The paytm cash will be credited within 7 business days of the results beding announced.
  12. Look At Me requires the users to produce proofs of transactions on Flipkart through the Look At Me App. The user will be eligible to redeem the points for a LAM lucky ticket only upon a confirmation of the order and within two weeks of the claim submission date.
  13. All reward points, unused, will expire after 12 months of credit.
  14. Eligibility to earn and redeem reward points for shopping on Look At Me, the claim form must be submitted within 2 working days of the transaction, failing which the user loses the opportunity to earn 1000 points.
  15. Upon successful compliance of Clause 15 above, Look At Me will credit the relevant number of points to the user’s account.
  16. Look At Me App runs the Shop-Refer-Earn Program in a lucky draw format. By participating in the Program, the user agrees to be legally bound by and abide by the below stated terms & conditions (T&C). Member confirms and acknowledges that they have read, understood and agreed to conform to these Terms and Conditions. ‘Look At Me’ reserves the right to amend, modify, change, add or terminate these terms and conditions or discontinue the Shop-Refer-Earn Program without further notice.
  17. By participating in this program, users have given Look At Me the right to their name and photograph for the purpose of this campaign including announcing your name as eligible user on social media, Look At Me platform, or in public domain.
  18. Look At Me shall not be responsible for any claims arising out of technical failures before, during the program or after the completion including but not limited to any technical failures in the mobile connectivity, any action that has been initiated, actioned or completed through his/her mobile phone, failure of servers or the failure to provide the correct score updates or any failures arising out of technical snags or resultant inability of the user.
  19. Look At Me reserves the right to extend, cancel, discontinue, prematurely withdraw, change, alter or modify this program or any part thereof including the eligibility criteria, the T&C and reward at their sole discretion at any time during its validity as may be required including in view of business exigencies and/or changes by a regulatory authority and/or statutory changes and/or any reasons beyond their control and the same shall be binding on the users.
  20. Look At Me does not make any commitment, express or implied to respond to any feedback, suggestion and/or queries of the users.
  21. The winner(s) understand and agree that acceptance of the reward by them, constitutes grant of permission to the facilitators to click photographs of the winner and use the winner’s names, photograph, preferences (likes and dislikes), voice and comments for advertising and promotional purposes in any media worldwide, only for the purposes of advertising and trade without any additional compensation whatsoever to the winners. The user/winner hereby provides his/ her irrevocable consent for sharing /submission of his/her personal information to Look At Me, and subsequent use by Look At Me of such information for lawful purposes as per its discretion.
  22. Post winner(s) declaration and completion of their announcement and further process as the case may be if Look At Me finds that the declared winner(s) are wrong then Look At Me reserves the right to declare the correct winner(s) again and cancel the reward of winner(s) declared earlier
  23. In case of any disputes, final discretion will be exercised by Look At Me team. Any dispute arising out of this offer and terms & conditions of this campaign shall first be attempted to be resolved amicably through negotiations. In the event, amicable settlement fails, the dispute shall be referred to Mediation. The venue of Mediation shall be at Delhi.
  24. These Terms and Conditions are subject to Indian law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts in Delhi.